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Welcome to Two Minute Theology!

TMT - A Lot Can Happen In Two Minutes

Thanks for stopping by!  You’ve probably already inferred a lot by the name of this site alone – it’s theological, and the articles and videos are short.  In fact, you should be able to get through most, if not all of them in under two minutes each!  Of course, that often means that the topic of an article is going to be either very shallow, or very, very focused on an extremely specific idea, and that’s ok.  We aim to evoke thought and personal exploration of the ideas and concepts that we share.

You may not agree with the all the thoughts and ideas that are presented here, and that’s ok – in fact, I hope you disagree often (and share that disagreement!).  We learn more about God and his Design when we are in deep theological community with other believers, and we cannot grow in Him without exploring the concepts that exist in the Word.   We don’t claim to be right when we post – in fact – we think that it’s safe to assume that we’re wrong all the time.  In no way do we claim that our interpretation is final and the only way to interpret the Word – we are each unique, and the effects of the fall affect us in many ways, including our interpretation of God’s Word.  And that’s OK – it’s part of how His glory is known.

Please read and enjoy!