Press Release | 14 October 2013


Two Minute Theology | Start the Conversation

14 October 2013  is a new website devoted to exploring theological concepts and Christian values in posts that take about two minutes to read.  In today’s media-saturated culture, distractions abound and it is often quite difficult to remain focused on long winded posts and articles.  Seeing the growing trend of ‘shorter = better,’ Two Minute Theology directs it’s resources to obtain relevance in that area.

Posts on the site are conversational in tone and generally come in under a 400-word count for easy and quick reading, and provide a comments section for readers to reply and join in the conversation.  The Two Minute Theology Facebook page currently has over 700 ‘likes’ and has seen steady growth and an appropriate amount of interaction for it’s size.

About Two Minute Theology

Two Minute Theology, or, was started in August 2013, with the mission of ‘bringing short, concise theological concepts and Christian values’ to a distracted and busy generation.  Posts and articles are written in a fairly ‘conversational’ tone, and while the authors all tend to have a ‘reformed’ leaning, care is taken to remain unbiased on the more minor points and issues.


Alexander van Rossum
[email protected]
(678) 551-2539

Multimedia: @tmtheology

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