Be Aware of Your Surroundings!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings!


Are You Listening?

There’s an old anecdote that’s been around for years, often making rounds in email chain letters and Facebook Posts (go like our page!), and it goes something like this:

A man was sitting at home one evening during a torrential downpour, when his weather radio squawks to life. “There’s a flood warning for your area! Evacuate immediately!”  Upon hearing this news, the man got down on his knees and prayed  “Lord, deliver me from this tribulation.  Please keep me safe from the weather and the flood!” and then promptly went outside to sit on his porch and watch the torrent.

The flood waters were rising steadily, quickly overtaking the gutters and the sewers, and his neighbor pulled up in his SUV. “James!  Get in the truck, we’re going to the shelter!” he shouted as a peal of thunder rumbled in the distance. “No thanks, Dave, I have Faith in the Lord.  He will deliver me from this trial!”

Dave drove on.

The waters began to rise even more rapidly, and James goes up to the second floor of his house, where he sits, overlooking the river that used to be his rose bushes.  Soon a small fishing boat putteres up to his wndow.  “Hey!  Get in!  The dam’s about to burst! This whole area is going to be completely underwater soon!”

James shouts back “The Lord will deliver me from this trial! I have faith in Him!”

The boat pilot shakes his head, and navigates away to safety; the waters rising even more.

James is soon driven to the roof of his house, where he utters another prayer to God. “Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?!  Deliver me from this trial!  Lord, I trust that you will protect me and end this torment!”

The thunder grows ever louder and almost masks the sound of a helicopter overhead; James looks up to see the harsh glare of a spotlight as a ladder unfolds from the bottom of the aircraft. A man with a megaphone leans out of the side door. “Sir.  Get in the helicopter.  You are not safe here.”

The shingles were beginning tear away from the roof as the water rushed over them.  James, staring into the light, is reminded of the Lord and how He always provides.  “No!” he shouts at the top of his lungs, waving his arms frantically, “The Lord will provide for me.  I am safe!”

As the helicopter fades into the night, a large roaring sound is heard in the distance as the overloaded dam finally gives way.  The ensuing rush of water decimates James’ house, and he drowns.

He awakes to a soft glow, and finds himself face to face with God.  James lies prostrate before Him, sobbing.  “Oh, Lord!  I had faith in you!  I trusted that you would deliver me from that tribulation!  Why did you allow this?”

To which God replied: “James, you silly man.  I sent your neighbor, a boat, and a helicopter.  What more did you want?”

Sometimes, we can miss the forest for the trees, we miss what God has clearly put before us, and look for what we would consider ‘divine intervention.’  How do you see God’s provision in your current situation?


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