Edwards’ Resolutions, #5

Edwards’ Resolutions, #5

There are two things you will probably see a lot of on this site: Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions and the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  Both of these are excellent resources and can be very helpful to a person’s walk with God, though they are not always the most interesting things to read.  I particularly love the way that Jonathan Edwards wrote his resolutions; he has pretty effectively managed to capture the majority of Christian needs and weaknesses within them.  Edwards penned these between 1722 and 1723, and did so in order to help him keep his focus on God, to remind himself that it is through Him that all things are done; and he had the intention and initial resolution to read through them once a week.  Each of these resolutions tend to deal with a particular topic pertaining to part of a Christian’s life (Desiring God has them broken down by category rather nicely).

Resolution number five is great for when you’re feeling lazy, in a period of heavy procrastination,  or just all around unmotivated.  It reads as such: “Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.”  Here we have a decree to be vigilant in the face of wasted time and wasted opportunity, a desire to never let sloth take control over your life.  The resolution could be reworded to form a prayer for a moment of distress or procrastination: “Lord, I ask that you would help me in this moment to be vigilant and focused; that I would not let my earthly desires to be endlessly entertained take control over my life.”

The resolution also points at a higher level of desire.  It hopes to direct one’s mind to use all his time for the glory of God; that every endeavor would be unwasted, that time alone would be spend with the Father, that we would seek to work toward God’s glory, further our understanding of Him, and that our lives would become a reflection of Christ.  A tall order indeed, but made possible through the grace of God.

Here below is a desktop background with Resolution number 5 upon it, feel free to download it if you desire to have it!

Jonathan Edwards Resolution Number 5 - Desktop Background

Jonathan Edwards Resolution Number 5 – Desktop Background

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