God is Eternal: What Does it Mean to Us?

God is Eternal:  What Does it Mean to Us?

Earlier this week, we discussed God’s eternity, and what Eternity, or more accurately, what His eternity means to us.  Please visit that article if you haven’t done so already!  This is part two of a two part series on the Eternity of God.

God is Eternal:  What Does This Mean to Us?

Due to the manner in which God exists, that is, outside of time and space (perhaps it would be better to suggest that He is, in a sense, ‘above’ time and space), His ways are beyond our comprehensive abilities.  We cannot truly begin to understand how God Himself operates within our plane of existence, as we have not frame of reference that is suitable to explain or demonstrate His abilities.  By nature of His eternity, He is also eternally incomprehensible.

God knows everything that we do, though not in a voyeuristic manner, rather, He has an innate knowledge of us and our actions, just by the nature of who He is (His control and ordaining notwithstanding); it’s less of an observation of our actions as it is inherent knowledge.  He’s not sitting on pins and needles, watching and waiting to see what we do next; He exists completely, He is all-powerful, and not in a sense that He’s the strongest, but that all power that exists is imparted through Him.

He is outside of time and eternal, and as such, we needn’t worry about tomorrow, or the next day – everything is within His control, and we can live without the fear of stepping outside of His will – we can’t even begin to ‘mess up’ His plan.

One final note to consider is that there exists the possibility that because of the manner in which Christ stepped down from His throne, the pain of experiencing time and His death on the cross is always.  Not always there, or always with Him, or always on His mind… just always.

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