It’s Been a While Old Friend

It’s Been a While Old Friend

You know how, when you haven’t talked to someone in a long time, it can get more and more difficult to pick up the phone and call them? You know that the list of things that you will need to catch up on is just so long that even the idea of starting the conversation is exhausting.  Relationships are like that – they take work.  You can’t just count on the number next to the word “friends” in your Facebook profile to be an accurate representation of how healthy your relationships are!

Your relationship with God is not much different, honestly.  A relationship is a relationship in any capacity, and they need work.  It’s Relationships Need Workexhausting to be the only friend in a friendship that has any desire to reach out to the other – eventually that relationship is going to wither and die; you’re going to get tired of reaching out to the other person, and that other person isn’t getting anything out of the relationship due to their lack of reciprocation. The good news, though, for a relationship with God, is that He doesn’t get tired – He will continue to pursue you.

We are to maintain our ‘half’ (it’s far less than half, really. maybe around 1/10^23rd, or so) of our relationship with God, and the easiest way to do that is through prayer and reading His Word.  That’s why it’s there, after all – it’s a way to communicate with us – to explain to us how things are, how they should be, and what we are called to do while we are here on this earth.  Trouble is, if you’ve been away for a while, it’s hard to pick it up again, be it from feeling guiltly, or the crushing weight of unconfessed sin.

God, though, welcomes you with open arms, and is always ready to answer the phone after even the longest silence.

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