What is Theology?

What is Theology?

Theology is simply the study of God.

There.  That’s a simple article isn’t it?  If they’re all going to be this short, we’ll just change the name to Two Second Theology.  Won’t that be a bag of cats?  What does that even mean?  I don’t know – I just made it up…

I digress.  Apologies.

Theology is simply the study of God

The word ‘theology’ actually comes from two greek words, theos and logos, the former meaning “God” and the latter meaning “word,”  and when put together they essentially form “Word about God,” or, perhaps more accurately, “the study, or learning, of God.”  Take it down to a less literal level, however, and it can become more like “one’s belief about God,” which may or may not expand itself into study.  Everyone has a basis for their own theology, as it forms your most basic worldview; an atheist, for example, subscribes to an atheistic theology, and a Hindi to a polytheistic theology.  Your theological view defines how you experience God, and how you further your relationship with Him.

Studying theology does not need to take place at seminary, or through specific classes with strict instruction, no, when you do something even as simple as opening a Bible to read what is written within you are working on theological studies – what you read there will change the way you think about things – it may solidify what you already believe, or present a new way of thinking.  Spending time with other believers, or talking on a Christian forum (r/christianity is a good start) can help too – theology is one of the greatest foundations of what you believe, what dictates your decisions, and how you interact with others.  Theology is the lifetime study of God, and seeking His knowledge and wisdom.

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